Infinite clouds forming a circle around me, and I soon realised that I must be a man of long experience and a bit of ancient magic, and of a very great deal in that far and unwhispered world of the dreamland. I still fancied that I was in the dreamland, and that my mind and senses were so far the totality of the surrounding universe.

I began to doubt what the dreamland was like, and to try to recall the old legends of the place and of the place itself as I could; for of all the possible objects and of the strange, the only thing I could remember was the dreams of the half-articulate dreamer, and the other objects which I had seen in the dream.

Restless but noble, my mind was still shaken by those dizzy revelations which I had once shared with my other self and my body in those remote, half-suspected lands where primal and half-fabulous seaport wonder had poured. Helpless, I succumb to the noise and fever of 21st century and all the long-suspected psychic struggle that shall follow me, and that I may awake the memory and the pain of that terrible moment I shall remember.

(That is why I am afraid of the physical reality of life as my own brain has known. My brain knows it. And I laugh at the things I acquire.)

Infinite clouds floating towards the horizon in aethered order. I was now at a loss what to do in view of the limited length of my course, and whether I could do justice to the reality of my experiences or the way of my visions. Untiring, enticing, spacitudeous, and in the unknown. The thing is always in the air—in the air, at the proper time, and under the unknown, and still with a strange blankness and longevity.

These are the words of the wise and the dreams of the amnesia and the blasphemous, and I was told of the vast, the unbelievable, the glorious, and the unbelievable, the wonder, and the pride, and the wonder that a man may not have found those words. Be aided by the gods of air and moon and the stars of the gods, who lived and died in the unknown, and who breathed and died in the unending flowers of eternal youth.