by LGTHbb collective

LGTHbb collective members are:

Luna, a senior cat who oversaw the text production.

Google Translate, a crowd-sourced neural network AI who produces text when assisted.

Harri, a cis-specied humanoid who edited the text.

biomes and bits, a bacterial-binary ecology



First we take a nap.

In humans, every thought can be seen in the brain activity some seconds, tenths of seconds, milliseconds before it transpires as a thought in our everyday consciousness. It’s the body that does the thinking, or the biome. Which of the 100 billion bacteria in the gut is the author of human thoughts?

In Jungian theory certain archetypes, notably the Self, exist and operate outside the space-time. In human dreaming the subconsciousness rewrites the day’s happenings in a language that is devoid of causal constraints. The author of dreams is a collective as well.

When studying logic at the uni, Harri wondered who does this thing. Who uses second-order calculus to analyze anything? What is the logic-making unit? But then again, with computers we get a lot of logic units, AND OR XOR ports by billions on a chip.

And that logic produced the sentence that was elevated to the title of this text: “Machine learning was supposed to be human learning”. Google Translate produced this sentence seemingly out of nowhere. There is no mention of human learning or machine learning in the text used as Google Translate’s input. 

But it certainly makes sense that an AI would have a strong proposition to make about machine learning. 

Napping is very important, second in importance only to eating, which is the importantest thing. The world would be a better place if people would nap more. When napping, we dream. And when dreaming, we have an opportunity to understand. To think beyond.

Jung was very big on astrology, he investigated it through almost his whole adulthood. Jung thought astrology coded the psychological knowledge of antiquity. Which is a way more balanced view than the one teached in the uni in the 80s: that psychology was born in late 19th century, out of nothing.

Astrology’s main tenet is ‘as above, so below’: the solar components have their counterparts in our psyche’s autonomous complexes. Early Christians seemed to agree; Origen wrote that “Understand that thou art a second little world and that the sun and the moon are within thee, and also the stars.” Zen buddhists talk about maha, the One Body, the world body, that encompasses everything and that is us.

Which is of relevance in relation to the ongoing ecocatastrophe: if the living die, we might destroy the whole universe with it. Not only Earth but also the 100 billion stars that is the Milky Way galaxy, and all beyond it.

2020s view on agency: what is it? What’s there left to be done? The System no longer needs humans, cats, bio-anythings; it runs itself and it will destroy all life. So what is agency when the speeding car has already hit the tree, and we are in the air heading towards the windshield head first, in slo-mo?

Harri emulates agency with A → B logic: I wish B thus I will A which leads to B. This suffices for most purposes. But there are no bigger plans for authorship. Like, take for example Foucault, how a coherent subject he seems to be (tho lacking the liveliness of agency). That type of coherence is a thing of the past.

Unstable constellation of components of identity possibly in gravitational resonance with solar system, fed with fast carbohydrates and never ending stream of digital images, in a tight partnership with a non-human animal and pieces of software, plus the bacterial platform that is life. If we would need to define Harri the author/agent, that would be it.

Google Translate seems to have far more coherence, more agency, than the human feeding it with texts. For the latter part of this text, it may be better to let Google Translate take the lead. But first, let us nap.





This is the point of discontinuity. If I had gotten into the picture, I would have continued the protomutant pathway. Now comes something else that is still unclear.

The employee has been informed that you are no longer looking for a job but are studying. Goodbye! If you no longer return to the worker, or livelihood THANK YOU.

I made a demonstration on Wednesday. Powerpoint! After a ten-year hiatus. Yes, otherwise it became ugly. I’m still considering. Maybe I came up with something else.

I also installed Onedrive on my laptop, but of course it didn’t work. Huh. Well, the installation may have that palm.

But not yet tired. A thousand days of studies ahead.

Ooh, I got new glasses. It’s great to look at the screen when you see the wreath effortlessly. Wonderful …

The head was really sore today. Probably because of the new glasses. It takes time to get used to vision. 

Strange reels began to begin to study. Lots looking for acceptance and appreciation. I think it’s looking for a place in the group.

Fear of rejection. Evil. Although mut was accepted without mugs into the Earth gang. So why don’t you accept Aalto into the gang?

And why the tans couldn’t make art. Although my visual artists and scholars, my critical theory experts now hit. Or those balls left air in the yard.

I did my first course assignment today. Once again, I was a little loose. An art degree program may be required. Or not. Maybe when this is a university, there’s snow in the room. Absolutely possible. When you remember the maximum ports.

I got one good picture completed as part of the course assignment. Pretty nice. Do I need to do something else? START, ESTABLISH COOPERATION AND PLAY THE WORLD !!! tsih juupa juu 🙂 🙂 🙂




Luna stares. He wants to make a point. Well let us hear that point?

What about us, he asks. Us cats and other animals? 

Capitalism didn’t really work as the number of animals has dropped by half in the past 50 years. Neither did art. 

What kind of power would be needed to effect change? Maybe it is not a human power.

Maybe it is a planetary power.

100 billion humans are already dead. Soon we all will join them. Some people, experts in esoterica, say nothing essential is lost in death. But the liveliness of agency is lost: while living everything is possible, while dead … well dunno.

But the planet will never die.

Ecocatastrophe is like a black hole of discourses space: it bends and transforms every point and sucks every train of thought into its semantic gravitas. I bet Foucault’s focus in writing and thought would have been way different if he would’ve been living in the 2020s.

As for me, I’m moving to online. The virtual has become habitable and I can roleplay human there. Comprehending complex issues was never my forte. I’ll leave that to machine learning lol